Transport security

Transport security
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In our days we face a lot of warnings about potential terrorist attacks at airports, seaports, bus stations, metro stations and railway stations. This type of terrorism is not something new to a transportation system.  Airliners and rail stations, vehicles and transport facilities are the targets of the top priority for terrorist attacks. Very often, terrorists hide contraband, bombs and others types of explosives inside trucks, heavy vans and freight containers or simply inside human body cavities. New attacks could occur, but we cannot simply accept them as something inevitable. Terrorist attacks on the transportation system can be resisted.

Successful transportation counterterrorism, however, will require a new means. The new strategy should rely on X-ray security systems for cargo, vehicles and human full body scanners.  The new X-ray security systems will not only protect against vulnerabilities in transportation security, but it will also deter terrorists by creating uncertainties about the chances of being caught.

Transport vehicles are ubiquitous, moving virtually unnoticed within industrial locations and major population centers; across borders; and (in the case of mail and express package services) to nearly every household, business, and government office in the country. Therefore, it is very important to provide transport systems with a high level of security.

ADANI Systems has a variety of X-ray Security and Inspection Systems for the transport security of border crossings, airports, seaports and railway stations.


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