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Any public event may be subjected to criminal intentions: terrorism, political struggle, international tension, etc. Such events include trade fairs, sporting events, concerts, conventions, important holiday celebrations and so on. The gathering of a crowd, including VIP-persons may become an Achilles’ heel. In order to secure the public events, private events, sport arenas, stadiums, public meetings and protest actions baggage and parcel X-ray security systems and full body scanners may be used. The checkpoint security complex based on X-ray baggage security system (for scanning of carry-ons, travel bags, handbags, suitcases, luggage bags) and X-ray whole body imager can help to detect guns, drugs, knives, blades, bombs, explosives and other items forbidden to carry.

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LINEV Systems has several X-ray security solutions for baggage inspection and full body scanning to reveal the hidden threats and make a public event safer.


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