X-ray Security Solutions: Prisons and Correctional Facilities

LIVEV Systems was the first company to provide X-ray Full Body Scanners for prisons and supplied its first CONPASS Security Inspection System to a prison in 2003. This system is still in use today. The CONPASS Full Body X-ray Scanner offers the prison management the opportunity to screen prisoners, staff and visitors to stop the drugs mobile phones and weapons from getting into the prison.

We have supplied over 250 CONPASS Security Screening Systems to be installed in prisons across Europe, Asia and North and South America. Whenever required we have worked with our local partners to provide the right solution that the prison requires by adapting the system to fit in with the way that the prison works. Because LINEV Systems employs a full product development team we are able to adapt and develop the system to meet the needs of the prisons operational requirements.


The safest and most flexible Full Body X-ray Scanner available for Prisons, Customs and locations requiring high level of security

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It was as a result of a conversation with a prison using our Single View (SV) Full Body System that we developed the CONPASS to a Dual View version. We have also integrated our CONPASS X-ray Scanner with a wide range of access control, staff database and dose monitoring systems in recent years.

LINEV Systems also offers bag scanning systems and we have supplied from our small BV 5030 to the larger BV 100100 system to prisons as part of a complete X-ray screening security package. As a result of these experiences we believe that LINEV Systems is the most experienced supplier of Full Body Security Scanning System to prisons in the world.

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