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Military bases
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Military bases, whether temporary or permanent, require extra protection and vigilance. Enemy incursion or terrorist attack are just some of the threats a military security system must detect early enough to protect assets, supply lines and troops.

Forward operating bases are of high strategic and tactical importance during military missions. They are the stepping stone from which further operations are conducted, they run the supply lines and provide support, shelter, health care facilities and infrastructure.

Naval dockyards and ports also benefit from our security solutions because they enable ocean carriers security and detect suspicious objects well before they draw near. The earlier the captain is aware of a threat, the sooner he can alert the coast guard or navy patrols, and the greater the vessel’s chance of evading threats.

Military air bases are the hub from which to reach distant destinations for military missions. As such, they are vital for the reliable support and operability of armed forces. This makes them a target for symmetrical and asymmetrical attacks.

Security of police stations
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In the modern world, even high-security facilities, such as police stations, may be at risk of attack.

Often it is not always possible to identify objects prohibited for carrying while the personal examination of arrested persons. These include firearms, blade weapons, mobile phones, drugs, alcohol, explosives and so on. Arrested persons can hide such objects in hard-to-reach places and hidden cavities of the body (mouth, stomach and rectum). In order to protect employees and visitors from a possible threat, it is recommended to use specialized personal search tools. These include the X-ray scanners of the human body, which allow you to identify the prohibited and dangerous objects.

Special operations
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The first hours after the terrorist attack are considered the most important, since at this time it is easier to find people suspected of committing a terrorist act. Law enforcement officers do not always have the physical ability to inspect a huge number of people and terrorists or criminals have the opportunity to escape punishment because of a lack of careful inspection. X-ray mobile screening complexes based on the van platform can be quickly delivered to the scene and due to its high throughput, it is possible to quickly scan a large number of people. In the modern world, even high-security facilities, such as military bases and police stations, may be at risk of attack.

ADANI Systems manufactures a great variety of baggage, luggage and cargo inspection systems and full body X-ray scanners to help police maintain security.


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