Government buildings and VIP Protection

X-ray Security Solutions: Government Buildings
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The security of government buildings, embassies, president embassies, administrative buildings and others government facilities affect not only the daily operations of the government but also the health, well-being, and safety of employees and the public. In most cases, terrorists and thieves are the main threats to government security. There is no doubt that we are living in challenging and dangerous times. Every day, we are seemingly barraged with new security and terrorist threats. Security is among the most important topics of discussion and planning for building owners and tenants. It is critical to everyone’s safety and well-being that government-owned reassess their security needs. Very often security services turn to X-ray security systems to protect government buildings. Baggage, handbag luggage, suitcases and parcel X-ray systems together with full body X-ray solutions will significantly raise the possibility to prevent an attack aimed on the governmental or federal buildings and to secure the public of corporate figures.

LINEV Systems has several X-ray Security Solutions revealing the main threats in modern government building's security.

X-ray Security Solutions: VIP Safety
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One can never be too concerned about personal security especially if it is the security of public or corporate figures, politicians or other VIP. Terroristic threats are a part of the modern world but one should never make it a part of his life.  Using our X-ray security systems for baggage and vehicle inspection will help to prevent an act of violence against politicians or other VIP. Modern security X-ray systems allow screening cars, vans, trucks and other types of land vehicles before entering the security perimeter. Handbags, luggage suitcase, travel bags and parcel X-ray inspection systems, as well as X-ray whole body imaging systems, will prevent the passage of prohibited or illegal items (such as fire guns, knives, blades, drugs, bombs, explosives) through the security checkpoint.   

LINEV Systems has a number of exclusive X-ray Security Inspection Systems for VIP residences or places that should be secured.

X-ray Security Solutions: Business Safety
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In these uncertain times, personal security for business is becoming more crucial. The meetings of the tops, gatherings of public figures of corporate figures, office buildings and many other instances should be provided with the maximum safety.

Every business should consider the importance of its security. Often, small businesses do not include this in the immediate ‘to-do list’ because they might believe they aren’t targets since they are only a small operation. This type of thinking is dangerous, and should be avoided. 

Security threats are also not limited to attacks from the outside, but can come from within your own company. Full body X-ray scanning systems (or whole body images), as well as baggage, handbag luggage, suitcase and parcel X-ray security systems, will protect your business from attacks and help to figure out potential threats. Drive through the portal X-ray car, vans, truck screening system is a perfect solution to secure the area of logistics centers, warehouses or private parking areas.

LINEV Systems has a variety of X-ray Security and Inspection Systems to protect your business. 


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