Customs and Border Crossings

X-ray Security Solutions: Ground Borders Security
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Borders are vital economic gateways that account for trillions of dollars in trade and travel each year. They are also home to some of nation’s largest – and safest – cities and communities. X-ray security inspection systems can be used for border protection from the illegal movement of weapons, drugs, contraband and people while promoting lawful entry and exit, is essential to homeland security, economic prosperity, and national sovereignty. 

The drive through the portal X-ray security complexes for scanning of light vans, cars, trucks and heavy vehicles, baggage, luggage and handbags X-ray security screening system and full body X-ray security units will strengthen the border patrol services and help to detect contraband, hidden drugs, guns, explosives and reveal illegal human trafficking. 

LINEV Group offers X-ray Security solutions meeting the customer's requests at any hot point in the national border security.

LINEV Systems offers X-ray Security solutions meeting the customer's requests at any hot point in the national border security.

X-ray Security Solutions: Airport Security
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Large numbers of people pass through airports every day. Though airplane flights are considered to be among the safest ways of traveling, they are usually connected to a number of risks aggravated by the vulnerability of the aircraft and its passengers. This presents potential targets for terrorism and other forms of crime because of the number of people located in a particular location. Similarly, the high concentration of people on large airliners, the potential high death rate with attacks on aircraft, and the ability to use a hijacked airplane as a lethal weapon may provide an alluring target for terrorism, whether or not they succeed due their high profile nature following the various attacks and attempts around the globe in recent years.             

With help of airport full body scanners airport security attempts to prevent any threats or potentially dangerous situations from arising or entering the country. If airport security does succeed in this, then the chances of any dangerous situations, illegal items or threats entering into both aircraft, country or airport are greatly reduced. As such, airport security serves several purposes: To protect the airport and country from any threatening events, to reassure the traveling public that they are safe and to protect the country and their people.

LINEV Systems offers a wide range of airport x-ray security machines for the protection of passengers.

X-ray Security Solutions: Marine Borders Security
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Cargo containers represent the largest area of concern in terms of Custom and Border Protection, security and vulnerability. With an estimated global inventory of over 12 million, the securing, tracking, and inspection of all shipping containers is a difficult task. A large container ship has the capacity to carry in excess of 3,000 containers, making inspection impossible without disrupting shipment.

Terrorists can, and eventually may, exploit the shipping industry's deficiencies in cargo security. Potential threats include the smuggling of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), a radiological "dirty" bomb, a conventional explosive device, and transportation of terrorist operatives, as well. Studies have claimed a Hiroshima sized nuclear detonation at a major seaport would kill fifty thousand to one million people. The container shipping system is an attractive outlet for terrorist activities. X-ray security screening systems for trucks and freight containers may be used to prevent contraband and detect illegal trafficking of prohibited items.   

LINEV Systems offers a common and unique X-ray Security Solutions for ports security.


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