Parcel, Baggage and Small Cargo X-ray Inspection

Cost-effective checkpoint, baggage and small cargo X-ray inspection systems are especially designed to meet main requirements of airports, customs facilities, carriers, parcel services.

The LINEV Group BV product line was created to meet the contemporaneous requirements of security providing innovative and effective screening solutions.

Dual energy X-ray inspection allows operators to detect weapons, explosives (including plastic explosives), drugs, fuses and dangerous objects that can represent a safety hazard.

Parcel, baggage and small cargo inspection systems comprise a wide range of tunnel sizes, conveyor heights and load capacities which enable the building and reinforcement of security screening infrastructure at practically any facility.

Using comprehensive operating software an operator can easily get advanced quality images and pass to the image adjustment tools. A built-in archiving and TIP function assures effective use of the inspection system. The full integration of LINEV Group BV’s product line with other LINEV Group products creates the most comprehensive inspection checkpoint of individuals and their belongings.

LINEV Group Parcel, baggage and small cargo inspection systems X-ray inspection systems


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