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Mobile Inspection Point CONPASS BV 6080M (hereafter MIP CONPASS BV) is designed for fast and efficient search of dangerous and prohibited items in human clothes, under clothes on the human body and inside the human body, as well as in baggage and various cargo. 
The system is designed for the rapid organization of temporary checkpoints. MIP CONPASS BV is intended for use by Customs, Border Guards, Police and other organizations fighting the illegal movement of prohibited items.
MIP CONPASS BV is based on baggage X-ray inspection system BV 6080 M and on people X-ray screening system CONPASS DV. The modern minivan 7 tones is used to move both body and baggage scanners anywhere in the country. MIP CONPASS BV is ready to be used within 10  minutes of arriving at a specified place. 
The result of the CONPASS inspection is the two X-ray images. The first – is an X-Ray image of a human in full height. The second - is an X-Ray image of human abdomen. The images allow seeing, identifying and discovering what was hidden in clothes, underclothes, inside a human: in the natural cavities of the human body, inside the abdominal cavity.
The BV 6080M enables the visual control of various objects (parcels, luggage, goods and other items) without opening them. Dual-energy imaging allows for the automatic colour-coding of materials with different atomic numbers so that, within any parcel, screening staff can easily identify dangerous objects, objects that are prohibited for importing or exporting, or objects that have not been declared.


  • Mobility
  • Radiation Safety System
  • Lightning and Climate Control System
  • Power Supply System 


Mobile inspection point MIP CONPASS BV key points:

  • Mobility. MIP CONPASS BV can be deployed quickly and easily wherever people’s or baggage inspection is needed. Operator can be transported by the MIP CONPASS BV as well;
  • Quick deployment. MIP CONPASS BV can be ready to start operating within just 10 minutes after coming to the destination;
  • Autonomous operation. MIP CONPASS BV can be powered by the stationary power supply and it has an independent onboard power supply source – power generator with the same fuel type, that is used in the minivan;
  • Dual-view technology (CONPASS).  The operator gets two X-ray images of a scanned object, which helps with threat detection and means there is no need to reposition the screened object or to carry out secondary screening.
  • Safety. MIP CONPASS BV is designed in accordance with international safety standards that guarantee safety for inspected persons, operator, driver and bystanders.

> Main page > X-ray Security Screening Systems > Mobile Inspection Point > MIP CONPASS BV

Mobile inspection point MIP CONPASS BV

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