DTP 7500LV

The ADANI DTP 7500LV cargo inspection system with a compact 7.5 MeV accelerator is an effective and intelligent solution for seaports, airports and border crossings that helps to identify illicit or prohibited items and check if the contents of containers match with the shipping documentation


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DTP 7500LV is a state-of-the-art dual-energy X-ray inspection system for screening of loaded vehicles (container or general cargo), designed with innovative technology. The system helps to prevent illegal human trafficking, contraband and detect illegal drugs, weapons, explosives and other prohibited and dangerous objects. A dual-energy technology with automatic colour coding and material discrimination allows distinguishing organic, non- organic materials and metals, and helps to highlight all dangerous and prohibited items and objects hidden inside the vehicles.
It can be used at seaports, traffic control points, customs, temporary storage warehouse and other sires where total 100% cargo inspection is necessary.
DTP 7500LV offers the special alhorithm of scanning - when drivers cabin is not scanned, or scanned with lower energy, producing such a low radiation dose for driver and passengers that allows drivers and passengers safely stay in their cabins and vehicles during the inspection process.


  • Innovative drive-thru scanning technology;
  • Dual energy technology with colour-coding;
  • Lateral projection;
  • High throughput 110 vehicles per hour;
  • High penetration 320mm.


Dimensions of scanning vehicles (LxWxH)     ≥ 20 x 3 x 4,7 m
Dimension of inspection tunnel (WxH)                                                        
3,5 x 4,8 m
Scanning speed     
5 - 10 km/h
Throughput capacity
up to 120 vehicles/hour
Steel penetration
up to 320 mm
Wire resolution (copper wire)
n 2 mm
Radiation dose to driver per scan
< 0.05 μSv (without scanning the cabin) 
Operating temperature  from - 20 to + 45 °C
With climatic package   from - 30 to + 55 °C
Number of projections  1 (lateral) 


  • Automatic number plate recognition system (ANPR);
  • Container code recognition system for freight container numbers recording;
  • Under vehicle inspection system (UVIS);
  • Integrated radiation portal monitor (IRPM);
  • Vehicle weighting system;
  • ID cards and passports reader.


Security checkpoints icon  SECURITY CHECKPOINTS
  Seaports icon
Border crossings
  Critical Infrastructure Objects icon
Military facilites
  Traffic control

> Main page X-ray Security Screening Systems Vehicle Inspection Section > DTP 7500LV

ADANI DTP 7500LV  Portal  Van X-ray Security Inspection System

LINEV Group DTP 7500LV Van and Vehicle X-ray Inspection
LINEV Group DTP 7500LV
LINEV Group DTP 7500LV Van and Vehicle X-ray Inspection
LINEV Group DTP 7500LV Van and Vehicle X-ray Inspection
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