AI for X-ray Threat Detection in bags, parcels and luggage

- Automated detection of a wide range of threats
- High detection probability, low false alarm rate
- Developed using real threat objects
- Compatible with current and previous models
- High speed automated security checkpoint screening

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Enhanced decision support tool for security operators and contactless screening:

  • Minimizes missed threats due to fatigue or human oversight;
  • Increases throughput at screening checkpoints supporting social distancing efforts;
  • Supports inexperienced operators;
  • Custom threat categories can be added.

LINEV Group proprietary software A-EYE is an Artificial Intelligence system intended for the automated identification of firearms, firearm components, ammunition, and knives. The detection algorithm is an embedded part of the BV product line software. The algorithm is built using real threat objects that could be expected at events and locations such as theme parks, concerts, sporting events, schools, or other venues which may require security checkpoints. The A-EYE algorithm considers diverse visual backgrounds in baggage consisting of variously dense-packed items in any bag type. The A-EYE algorithm increases threat detection capabilities for operators with any level of experience. Threats are visually highlighted on the screen by colored boxes with category identification, the software allows the system to automatically stop the conveyor when a threat is detected. A scanner equipped with the A-EYE algorithm ensures increased throughput and social distancing due to minimising crowded lines at security checkpoints.



  • Increases Operator's efficiency and detection probability;
  • Streamlined process provides better personal experience;
  • Minimises Operator's errors through adding an “extra pair of eyes” for X-ray image interpretation.

BV AI detection.png

> Main page > X-ray Security Screening Systems > Artificial Intelligence Software > AI for X-ray Thread Detection

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