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25 April 2019 / security
ADANI Angola 20 years

In 1990 "Total Recall", the science fiction movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, visualized the technology that didn’t exist at that time - a full body security scanner.

In the shots below one can see how Schwarzenegger undergoes an “X-ray inspection” at the customs and border control zone in order to detect prohibited or dangerous items such as firearms hidden under his clothes:

ADANI Angola 20 years

Not long after ADANI invented this technology and implemented it in a unique device - a personal X-ray inspection system with an extremely low radiation dose.

In the photo below one can see the first production model of CONPASS.

ADANI conpass 001

CONPASS is an innovative X-ray system for scanning people and preventing illicit trafficking of weapons, explosives, drugs and other contraband.

The first customer of this unique scanner under the serial number 001 was CATOCA diamond mine from Angola searching in 1999 the solution to prevent the theft of diamonds.

ADANI Angola 20 years


Today these CONPASS units are still working to a high standard. During the 20 years of cooperation with CATOCA the CONPASS units installed have made over 1 million scans. These have helped significantly lowering and preventing the number of thefts. 

While visiting ADANI the representatives of CATOCA got acquainted with the latest achievements and placed an order for an improved version - CONPASS SMART DV, the new generation model.

ADANI Angola 20 years

Today we supply CONPASS to more than 60 countries of the world, providing security at airports, borders, customs, diamond mines and prisons.

We are confident that cooperation with CATOCA, which has been lasting for more than 20 years, will continue to be equally productive and reliable, addressing critical security and threat prevention issues.


ADANI Angola 20 years

ADANI Angola 20 years

ADANI Angola 20 years

ADANI Angola 20 years

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