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X-ray Security Solutions: Schools and Universities

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When we send off our children to school, we are not just entrusting the school to provide a good education. We are also entrusting our child’s safety and well-being. A child - whether a toddler, a six-year-old, or an adolescent becomes a school’s responsibility once he or she enters its premises. Therefore, providing a safe and secure environment for its students is a primary objective of any educational institution.

ADANI has a new X-ray security concept for schools and universities to make children return home safe.

X-ray Security Solutions: Public Events

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Any public event may be subjected to criminal intentions: terrorism, political struggle, international tension, etc. Such events include trade fairs, sporting events, concerts, conventions, important holiday celebrations and so on. Gathering of a crowd, including VIP-persons may become an Achilles’ heel.

ADANI hase several X-ray security solutions to reveal the hidden threats and make public event more safe.

X-ray Security Solutions: Hotels

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Terrorist attacks in the all over the world are a real and serious danger. The terrorist incidents indicate that terrorists continue to target crowded places, as they are usually locations with limited protective security measures and therefore afford the potential for mass fatalities and casualties. Hotels and restaurants worldwide have been subject to terrorist attacks on several occasions. It is possible that your hotel or restaurant could be involved in a terrorist incident. This might include having to deal with a bomb threat or with suspect items left in or around your premises, brought in with luggage or sent through the post.

ADANI has several X-ray Security Solutions concerning the counter-terroristic hotel security.