Mines and Industrial Security

X-ray Security Solutions: Industrial

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In today’s challenging times, many kinds of industrial facilities have been identified as potential targets, including chemical and petrochemical plants, oil refineries, liquid and natural gas distributors, pulp and paper mills, mining operations and pharmaceutical plants. That’s why the need for a comprehensive security strategy for these facilities and other critical infrastructure is escalating in urgency worldwide.

ADANI can provide you with the most effective X-ray Security Solutions for your tasks in your particular type of industry.

X-ray Security Solutions: Diamond mines

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Security is very important when one intends to make safe such high-value object as diamond mine. Is is known that current physical and strip-search methods are inefficient, particularly if diamonds are hidden within the human body, which makes it difficult to detect them using current methods. 36% of the workers smuggle diamonds out of its mines by hiding them in the anus, 30% hide them between their buttocks, 14% use their socks and hair, 5% conceal the gems in their mouths, 2% place the gems under their scrotum, 2% hide them in their clothes, 2% use their underwear and 10% use other means.

ADANI has brilliant X-ray Security Solutions revealing hidden objects like diamonds on or even in the human body or prosthetic devices.