Government buildings and VIP Protection

X-ray Security Solutions: Government Buildings

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The security of government buildings, embassies and othe government facilities affects not only the daily operations of the government but also the health, well-being, and safety of employees and the public. In most cases, terrorists and thieves are the main threats to government security.

ADANI has several X-ray Security Solutions revealing main threats in modern government buildings security.

X-ray Security Solutions: VIP Safety

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One can never be too concerned about personal security especially if it is a security of a public person, politician or other VIP. Terroristic threats are a part of the modern world but one should never make it a part of his life.

ADANI has a number of exclusive X-ray Security Inspection Systems for VIP residences or places that should be secured.

X-ray Security Solutions: Business Safety

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In these uncertain times, personal security for business is becoming more crucial. The meetings of the tops, office buildings and many other instances should be provided with the maximum safety.

ADANI has a variety of X-ray Security and Inspection Systems to meet customer requirements.