X-Ray Train Inspection System

ADANI TRAINSCAN allows for inspection of cargos for their correspondence to accompanying documents and detection of weapons, explosives, as well as smuggled goods (cigarettes) and people without cargo unloading and wagon unsealing.

The use of high-energy X-ray inspection system ADANI TRAINSCAN for cargo train screening reduces significantly the necessity of manual inspection and cargo unloading from the train when the inspectors are at work.

X-ray inspection system ADANI TRAINSCAN includes equipment, protective rooms for its arrangement and protective shielding to provide radiation safety. X-ray inspection system ADANI TRAINSCAN consists of an ionizing radiation source, a detection and data transfer system, a signal control and processing unit, installed in the portal of the System, as well as of an acquisition/analysis workstation to operate the system.

Cargo Train Drive-Through Inspection System ADANI TRAINSCAN

X-ray inspection system ADANI TRAINSCAN consists of a portal with the embedded X-ray detector 1 (Fig. 1), ionizing radiation source module with filtration and collimation units 2 (Fig. 1), biological shielding against radiation to minimize the controlled area 3 (Fig.1 ), as well as а movement control system, cargo train speed monitoring system, video surveillance system, light and audible signaling, detection system of bystanders’ presence in the controlled area, loco detection response sensors.

Cargo Train Drive-Through Inspection System ADANI TRAINSCAN has a unique combination of properties:

  • System reliability and maintenance ease;
  • Automatic scanning procedure and black and white image acquisition of cargo train moving with the speed up to 60 km/h;
  • High penetrability;
  • High-energy technology of scanning and black and white image acquisition by cargo trains screening, moving at speed up to 60 km/h, as well as the ability for material discrimination upon its atomic number with the cargo train scanned at speed up to 15 km/h;
  • Data processing algorithms for precise and complete image analyses and danger determination;
  • Automatic detection of suspicious objects during cargo train scanning when it moves at speed of up to 15 km/h;
  • High radiation safety.
ADANI TRAINSCAN Cargo Train Drive-Through Inspection System Configuration

The basic dimensions of ADANI TRAINSCAN System are given in Fig.2. As is clear from this figure, ADANI TRAINSCAN allows for scanning of the objects with the height up to 6.8 m (22.3’) and with the width up to 4.9 m (16’). The maximal height of the scanner will not exceed at that 9.5 m (31.1’).


Maximum size of the scanned objects (W x H)
 4.9 m x 6.8 m
[ 16' x 22.3']
Scanning speed, km/h Up to 60
Operating temperature range (Optional weather packages extending the operational environment limits are available) from -30 to 55 °С [-22 to 131 °F]
Steel penetration
Up to 400 mm [15.75"]


Dose rate at the boundaries of the controlled area
0.5 µSv/h


  • Radiation environment dosimeter in Operator’s AWS room
  • Video camera
  • CCTV camera
  • Beacon
  • Traffic light
  • Cargo train speed monitoring device
  • Emergency stop button


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