Relocatable Vehicle X-ray Inspection System

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Vehicle X-ray Inspection System DTP 7500LVR is an easily relocatable System that can be loaded onto a semitrailer and can be repositioned with a truck tractor. This System is an extremely effective and reliable solution to perform the task on inspection of cargo transport vehicles at different sites and checkpoints. In this System a dual-energy technology of material discrimination on their atomic number is used, which allow depicting the materials in accordance with the chosen color. This System allows reducing time for inspection of the vehicle and transported cargo due to X-raying technology. The System allows a non-destructive testing of transport vehicle and containers, identifying the transported cargo, as well as detecting the smuggling in vehicle compartments and behind vehicle upholstery and flooring without their removal and makes the inspection process for correspondence of the container content to the shipping documents significantly easier.

Due to the scanning mode with the use of the dual-energy, there can be discriminated different materials contributing thus to a better detection of suspicious objects, smuggling, explosive substances, weapons and narcotics.

One of the advantages of DTP 7500LVR is that for the installation of this Inspection System no additional fences around it are required. Thus, we offer a ready-made solution that is easily installed and integrated into the existing security system.

The main advantages of the System are:

  • Material discrimination on their atomic number using the dual-energy technology

  • Compact installation

  • High throughput

  • Relocation flexibility

  • Low-dose technology of X-ray inspection

DTP 7500LVR is an ideal solution to be applied at cross border points, customs points and warehouses of temporary stock and in other places, where the inspection of the cargo is required for the purpose of safety.


Maximum size of the scanned objects (L x W x H) 25 m x 3.0 m x 4.4 m
[ 82.0' x 9.84' x 14.4']
Dimension of inspection tunnel (W x H) 3.98 m x 4.5 m
[13.06' x 14.76']

Scanning speed 5 - 10 km/h [3 - 6 mph]
Throughput Up to 100 vehicles/hour
Operating temperature range (Optional weather packages extending the operational environment limits are available) from -20 to 40 °С
Steel penetration 320 mm [12.6"]
Wire resolution 2 mm (12 AWG)


Maximum dose to the driver with scanning of cabin < 0.4 μSv/scan μSv/scan at 5 km/h
without scanning of cabin 0.05 μSv/scan at 5 km/h


  • Number plate recognition camera;
  • Container number recognition camera;
  • Perimeter intrusion control system;
  • X-ray portal;
  • Remote Analysis Workstation.


Critical infrasructure
Sea port      SEAPORTS
Border crossings
     BORDER CROSSINGS               
Jails and prisons
Military facilites
     MILITARY FACILITIES               

Main page / Vehicle Inspection Section


ADANI DTP 7500LVR Van and Vehicle X-ray Inspection
ADANI DTP 7500LVR Van and Vehicle X-ray Inspection
ADANI DTP 7500LVR Van and Vehicle X-ray Inspection
ADANI DTP 7500LVR Van and Vehicle X-ray Inspection
ADANI DTP 7500LVR Van and Vehicle X-ray Inspection
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