DTP 7500LV

The ADANI DTP 7500LV cargo inspection system with a compact 7.5 MeV accelerator is an effective and intelligent solution for seaports, airports and border crossings that helps to identify illicit or prohibited items and check if the contents of containers match with the shipping documentation

The DTP 7500LV X-ray security screening system is the best suitable solution for the inspection of large vehicles, cargo containers, tankers and loaded trucks.
This X-ray security system has a small footprint, low staffing requirements and no need for special security infrastructure.

Intendent use

  • State-of-the-art high-energy low-dose X-ray scanner with portal-shaped detection system specially developed for the inspection of loaded vehicles (container or general cargo) with usage of innovative “drive-thru” technology.
  • Developed for inspection of containers and vehicles, for identification of the cargo compliance to the transportation documents and for the detection of contraband, drugs, weapons and other dangerous objects.
  • Designed for operation at seaports, traffic control points, customs, temporary storage warehouses and other places where total cargo control is required.

Key features

Innovative drive-thru scanning technology

Due to the innovative scanning technology the drivers are not subjected to the radiation, so that they can stay in their vehicles during the inspection process, driving them under their own power directly through the scanning area (X-ray generator and detector system (X-ray portal) which provides really high throughput and doesn't impede the traffic flow. Having the low dosage of radiation emission the system can also provide the screening of the driver's cab if it is required.

Small footprint

The deployment of the DTP 7500LV needs a relatively small ground surface without any special requirements for additional infrastructure. The controlled area does not exceed 40m x 30m.


DTP 7500LV is a compact system, that can be completely installed and start its opreration within 2-3 days by two or three operators.

Radiation safe for drivers, operators and bystanders

Low radiation dose in combination with the effective radiological safety system guarantees safety for vehicle driver, bystanders and stowaways.

The X-ray security system CONPASS DTP 7500LV can easily detect narcotics, explosives, weapons,as well as any other contraband items hidden inside occupied vehicles and containers.




Drive-thru portal technology provides fast inspection and minimization of negative effect on the traffic flow

Meets ANSI 43.17.2009 General Use standard

  • Hardware flexibility allows the system to be used as a covert solutiotion
  • Software integration capability
  • Multi screen and remote viewing compatible
The system can even be adapted to allow discreet screening of vehicles at various types of different locations including, but not limited to:
  • Security checkpoints
  • Military compounds
  • Seaports
  • VIP residences
  • Governmental buildings
  • Border crossing
  • Hotel complexes
  • Customs facilities

Technical characteristics

Maximum size of the scanned objects 3.0 (W) x 4.4 (H) x ≤  25 (L) m
[9.84' x 14.4' ≤ 82.0']
Dimension of inspection tunnel 3.5 (W) x 4.5 (H) m
[11.5' x 14.8']
Scanning speed 5 ± 10 km/h [3 ± 6 mph]

up to 30 objects per hour

(12 m containers on the truck)

up to 60 objects per hour

(6 m containers on the truck)

Number and type of projections

One, lateral view

Operating temperature range (Optional weather packages extending the operational environment limits are available) from - 10°С to + 40°С

Radiation safety

Maximum dose to passengers with scanning of cabin < 1.0 μSv/scan at 7 km/h
without scanning of cabin < 0.02 μSv/scan at 7 km/h
Regulatory compliance ANSI 43.17 - 2009 compliant for general people screening
Additional safety feature Emergency stop buttons, flashing beacon, CCTV system, traffic lights

CONPASS DTP 7500LV options

  • Fully integrated ANPR system
  • Fully integrated driver identification camera
  • Weather proofing
  • Remote operation
  • Operator cabin
  • LED traffic lights
  • Speed sensor
  • Infrared access limiting barriers
  • Additional interlocks and emergency stop buttons
  • UPS for scanning system
  • Carrier Mechanism (optional)

Main components

  • X-ray source module containing the X-ray tube assembly in protective shielding, control system and diesel generator
  • Control module for operators
  • Detector module

DTP 7500LV