DTP 7500/200UV

This X-ray Inspection System used for inspection of cargo transport and light vehicles, and containers

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Dual-energy Vehicle and Cargo X-ray Inspection System DTP 7500/200UV is an innovative, extremely effective and reliable solution for  facilities, security checkpoints, border crossings, military bases with limited space and where a total control of both cargo transport vehicles (trucks, vans) with their containers and light vehicles is required. This System occupies the smallest area in its class and can be compactly installed everywhere.

It provides excellent vehicle images and additional personnel safety due to X-rays directed upwards. As an undeniable advantage the ability to inspect light and cargo transport vehicles can be admitted. The System supports dual-energy technology with the ability of material discrimination on its effective atomic number.

Dual-energy scanning mode of loaded trucks inspection machine DTP 7500/200UV makes it possible to detect different materials, contributing thus to better detection of suspicious objects, smuggling,  different dangerous items hidden inside passenger vehicles and vans such as explosives, bombs, currency, drugs, arms, cigarettes, alcohol and other types of smuggled goods, hidden inside the vehicle, in a container or even behind the upholstery of the trucks, and make the process of checking the compliance of the container content to the one indicated in the shipping documents significantly easier.

A photo of vehicle made by ADANI DTP 7500/200UV X-ray security screening system

One of the advantages of X-ray vehicle scanner DTP 7500/200UV is that for the installation of this Inspection System no additional fences around it are required. Thus, we offer a ready-made solution that is easily installed and integrated into the existing security system.

Due to high throughput and debugged scanning procedure, the DTP 7500/200UV Vehicle and Cargo X-ray Inspection System does not show any impact on traffic flow when applied at sites where it is high. The newest mobile cargo X-ray security System does not require the unloading of the container content or cargo reducing thus the time for inspection of cars and goods. Moreover this System for all around scanning of loaded trucks, vans, light vehicles and cargos significantly exceeds in its effectiveness the detection of threats comparing to traditional methods of inspection manually and visually.

The main advantages of the system are:

  • Two radiation sources;

  • Material discrimination on their atomic number using the dual-energy technology;

  • Compact installation;

  • Scanning speed up to 15 km/h;

  • High throughput.

Ideal solution for scanning of the cargo transport, loaded trucks and light vehicles.

A photo of a vehicle made by ADANI DTP 7500/200UV X-ray security screening system

Dual-energy Vehicle and Cargo X-ray Inspection System DTP 7500/200UV  is ideal for application at cross border points, customs points, at warehouses of temporary storage, in logistic centers, at seaports, security checkpoints, military bases and in other places where 100% cargo inspection is required to ensure safety.

This System has a modular design and can be installed in the following variants:

  • DTP 7500/200UV X-ray vehicle X-ray scanner is a dual-energy system: high-energy one for scanning the cargo transport vehicles and a low-energy one for scanning the light vehicles;

  • DTP 7500UV vehicle X-ray scanner is a System with one high-energy source of radiation for scanning the cargo transport vehicles;

  • DTP 200UV vehicle X-ray scanner is the System with a low-energy source of radiation for scanning the light vehicles.


Maximum size of the scanned objects (L x W x H) 25 m x 3.0 m x 4.3 m
[82.0' x 9.84' x 14.11']
Dimension of inspection tunnel (W x H) 4.15 m x 4.3 m
[13.62' x 14.11']

Scanning speed 5 - 10 km/h [3 - 6 mph]
Throughput Up to 85 vehicles/hour
Operating temperature range (Optional weather packages extending the operational environment limits are available) from -20 to 50 °С
Steel penetration 320 mm [12.6"]/25 mm [0.98"]
Wire resolution 1.5/0.8 mm [15 AWG/20 AWG]


Maximum dose to the driver with scanning of cabin < 0.4 μSv/scan
without scanning of cabin 0.02 μSv/scan

DTP 7500/200 UV OPTIONS:

  • Weather package -30°C …+55°C;
  • Automatic license plate recognition (ANPR) system;
  • Automatic container code recognition (ACCR) system;
  • Module for operator;
  • Radiation monitor;
  • Diesel generator;
  • Remote AWS for image analysis.


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ADANI DTP 7500/200UV  Portal  Van X-ray Security Inspection System

ADANI DTP 7500/200UV Van and Vehicle X-ray Inspection
ADANI DTP 7500/200UV Van and Vehicle X-ray Inspection
ADANI DTP 7500/200UV Van and Vehicle X-ray Inspection
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