This X-ray vehicle inspection system is designed for scannng of fully loaded containers and trucks

It is a compact stand-alone and mobile X-ray scanning system, which can be easily deployed and transported by a standard container truck. DTP 5000LVR vehicle inspection system Its 100% mobility is perfectly suited for spot checks in most location. The DTP 5000LVR with 5 MeV-accelerator can penetrate up to 250 mm of steel and inspect up to 60 trucks per hour. The system can be deployed using a standard crew in less than 120 minutes. The electrical generator incorporated into the system allows its use without the need for local infrastructure.


  • State-of-the-art high-energy low-dose X-ray scanner with portal-shaped detection system for inspection of loaded vehicles (container or general cargo), designed with innovative “drive-thru” technology.
  • Designed for inspection of containers and vehicles for identification of the cargo compliance to the transportation documents, detection of contraband, illegal drugs, weapon and other dangerous objects.
  • Designed for operation at seaports, traffic control points, customs, temporary storage warehouse and other places where total 100% cargo inspection is necessary.


Innovative drive-thru scanning technology Drivers are not subjected to the radiation and stay in their vehicles during scanning operations, driving them under their own power through the scanning area (X-ray generator and detector system (X-ray portal) which provides high throughput. Owing to the low dosage technology the track cabin can be scanned together with the driver.
Small footprint The deployment of the DTP 5000LVR drive-trough X-ray vehicle screening system requires a relatively flat ground surface without special requirements for additional infrastructure. The controlled area does not exceed 40m x 30m.
Movable DTP 5000LVR vehicle inspection system is a compact system, which can be easily relocated by a standard container truck, installed and be fully functional within less than 2 hours by two or three operators. 
High throughput DTP 5000LVR security vehicle scanner s able to scan and control rapidly the contents of containers and heavy trucks in controlled traffic flow (drive-thru operation mode) - 30 pcs 40´ containers or 60 pcs 20´ containers per hour.
High penetration It is possible to obtain high-quality X-ray images of inspected objects through 250 mm of steel at truck speed of 5-10 km/h.
High quality X-ray images DTP 5000LVR vehicle scaning system provides the best spatial resolution of 5 mm and contrast sensitivity of 4 %.
Radiation safe for drivers, operators and bystanders Low radiation dose in combination with the effective radiological safety system guarantee safety for vehicle driver, bystanders and stowaways.


  • X-ray assembly unit
  • X-ray image detector
  • Image and data processing system
  • Facility control system
  • Radiation safety system
  • Reserve power supply system
  • Car transport system (option)


ADANI DTP 5000M mobile portal X-ray scanner
ADANI DTP 5000M mobile portal X-ray scanner
ADANI DTP 5000M mobile portal X-ray scanner