BV 5030

ADANI BV 5030 is designed for X-ray inspection of different objects revealing items, materials and substances that are prohibited for import/export or differ from the declared content

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The X-ray baggage system BV 5030 provides the effective inspection of parcels, small baggage and personal belongings.

BV 5030 allows identification of weapons, explosives (including plastic explosives), drugs, primers and dangerous objects, which are safety hazard by identification of substances with effective atomic number.

Dual energy imaging of the system with automatic color coding of materials having different atomic numbers helps screening specialits to easily identify dangerous objects inside any parcel.


Automatic identification of suspicious objects (drugs, explosives) and highlighting of optically dense objects Algorithms used in software enable automatic highlighting of such objects as weapons, explosives, narcotics, as well as opaque areas, where dangerous object may be concealed.These functions improve operating efficiency.
The fault-tolerant configuration of acquisition/analysis workstation A special configuration of the operator’s workstation makes its software resistant to viruses and other harmful interference. The system shutdown occurs immediately and safe for the equipment and data.
Quick start-up and shutdown Due to the new configuration of hardware the system becomes ready for operation within 30 seconds. Instant shutdown of the system is now also possible.
Multilanguage interface Including English, German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Arabic, Chinese and any other language on request.
User friendly interface The set of self-intuitive tools and settings make it possible for the operator to master the system control quickly and easily making thus his/her daily work more comfortable.
Real-time self-diagnostics State of all important assemblies and components is controlled in the on-line mode allowing the system to be kept operational and the operator to be informed about any changes in good time.
Availability 7 and 3 colors imaging Operator is free to choose whether to use 3 colours imaging (organics/inorganics/metals), which is familiar by experience, or 7 colours imaging, which is more detailed one and which enables material discrimination on effective atomic number more precisely. New colours help the operator to stay attentive and his/her perception to remain not “overloaded” when working during a long period of time. This improves the performance quality of the operator and a through-flow rate of inspection points.
ADANI Security baggage keyboard


Material Type Atomic No. 3 Colors 7 Colors Example Possible Threat
Light Organics 6– Orange Red Polyethylene, light hydrocarbons Natural gas, gasoline
Organics 6-8 Orange
Timber, oil, alcohol, water
Explosives, pure drugs, diamonds
Light Inorganics 8-10 Orange
Yellow Paper, teflon
Inorganics 10-12 Green Chartreuse
Glass Gems
Nonmetals and Light Metals 12-18 Green Green Aluminum, silicon Gunpowder, detonators
Heavy Metals 18-30 Blue Blue Iron, steel, copper, brass, nickel, titanium
Weapons, ammunition, knives
Dense Metals 30+ Blue Violet
Zirconium, tin, bronze
Precious metals
Impenetrable - Black Black Lead, bismuth
Hidden threats

ADANI BV 5030 X-ray baggage images


Tunnel dimensions

520±3 mm [ 20.5" ]
320±3 mm [ 12.6" ]
Overall dimensions, not more than

750 mm [ 29.5" ]
1325 mm [ 52.2" ]
1240 mm [ 48.8" ]
Weight, not more than
365 kg [ 805 lbs ]
Maximum distributed load on the conveyor belt, max
160 kg [ 353 lbs ]
Conveyor height
840 mm [ 33.1" ]
Conveyor speed 0,22±0,03 m/s [ 43.3 ft./min ]
Noise level < 65 dB(A)
Anode voltage
Low dose operating mode
Standard operating mode
High penetration mode

90 kV
140 kV
160 kV
Angle of radiation 58o
Beam direction diagonally upward
Cooling system oil bath
Anode type stationary
Film safety up to ISO 1600 (33 DIN)
Detector type L-shaped multiunit array
Dual-energy detector Yes
Grey levels 65536
Type of x-ray sensitive element solid-state photodiode with scintillation coating
Number of detection elements in array 1024
*Wire detectability (minimum diameter of copper wire / standard operating mode) 0,08 mm (40 AWG)
Visible contrast levels, more than 24

* Steel penetration, low-dose operating mode 10 mm guaranteed
12 mm typical
* Steel penetration, standard operation mode 30 mm guaranteed 32 mm typical
* Steel penetration, high penetration mode 36 mm guaranteed 37 mm typical
* Spatial resolution, mm (LP/mm) 1.0 in the direction
of scanning
1.0 along the
* Stated performance as measured by ADANI Test Kit

ADANI BV 5030 Security X-ray dimensions


  • Entry / exit rollers
  • Operator’s desk
  • Set of test objects - ADANI Test Kit
  • Two monitor functionality
  • Touchscreen operation functionality
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply


The design of the system provides radiation leakage attenuation limited to 1,0 µSv/hr (0,1 mR/hr) or lower at any accessible point at the distance of 0,1 m [ 3.9" ] from the external surface of the system. The dose rate intensity at the workstations of the personnel does not exceed 1,0 µSv/hr.

Maximum inspected item radiation dose during a single scan is 0,16 µSv, and is safe for the films with sensitivity up to ISO 1600 (33DIN).

BV 5030