Trinidad prisons appreciated advantages of CONPASS DV X-ray body scanner

26 February 2016 / security

The body scanners installed last December to bolster safety in the Trinidad and Tobago prisons have helped to intercept contraband which prisoners tried to smuggle in over the last three months.

On August 5 last year, we announced that our CONPASS DV body scanners were selected by Trinidad and Tobago's Ministry of National Security for the country's prisons, in the hope of clamping down on contraband concealment.

The decision to install scanners followed the jailbreak from the Port of Spain Prison, on Frederick Street, last July.

X-ray scanners successfully installed in Trinidad and Tabago have revealed prohibited items hidden not only underneath clothing, but inside every imaginable orifice in the human body.

Prison sources sent an exclusive photograph of a scanned image captured last Thursday, which shows a switch blade lodged inside the anal cavity of a prisoner who was returning from court to Golden Grove Prison.


Originally from Trinidad Daily Express

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